Breathing Sessions 1-19

‘We live in times where we are constantly asked to perform, which often leaves us no space or energy to deal with the chronic fatigue that stems from this constant performing. How can we imagine, think and create in a state of persistent exhaustion? And how can we resist such lassitude? 

Eva van Tongeren’s work is a personal experiment that deals with such questions. ‘Breathing Sessions 1-19’  focuses on the action of breathing – the longest and most continuous performance in the history of humanity.

Breathing is usually an act unseen, but it becomes visible in times of stress and strain. In this work, breathing is translated into diagrams and sound, which together become a diatonic melody and a visual illustration of one’s movement within the surrounding space.’ – Fadwa Naamna


Original language: English

Year: 2019

Technical specs

Video in loop (4 headphones + subwoofer)



Intangible Unreachable Invisible
Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović Čačak


Extra City (BE)